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Product Detail

Twin-screw extruder

Product features:

High life gear box; Wear-resistant alloy screw bushing: screw service life > 22,000 tons, bushing service life > 50,000 tons, free warranty of gear box is about 30000 hours;

High precision forging expansion cavity double jacket, which have enough strength to prevent jacket deformation or wearing sleeve loosening , can be heated or cooled;

Equipped with overload protection clutch to ensure smooth, safe and reliable transmission. High precision gear, imported high quality bearings, oil seals, advanced gear box design and processing technology control;

Equal clearance, self-cleaning twin screw mechanism, effectively reduce the material residue in the barrel screw, easy to clean the barrel;

Removable special material wear-resistant bushing, greatly reducing the cost of use;

Effectively control the shear force to ensure that the ripening time and particle expansion coefficient of all materials in the expansion chamber are consistent;

The new all-wear-resistant alloy screw and bimetallic expansion cavity sleeve can effectively reduce wear and ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment under the condition of high capacity and high quality;

Effective distribution of reasonable shear forces in different areas of the extrusion cavity can effectively increase the yield on the premise of ensuring high quality;

The turbulent discharge device makes the extruded extruded material more beautiful, and the output of the small hole diameter mold is increased by 30%-40%, which has uniform and stable material shape;

The automatic control system simplifies operation and reduces manual labor intensity. Let all data be recorded, and the operator's impact on the quality of the expanded product is minimized.

Technical parameter


Model numberMain motor power  kwFeeding power  kwSingle -shaft conditioner power kwDouble shaft differential speed conditioner power kwCapacity t/h

Type XYPH120*2

200/2502.2 5.518.55-7

Type XYPH150*2

315/3552.2 5.518.58-12



Feed varietyFrog feed (floating)Yellow catfish feed (floating)Grass carp feed (floating)Crab feed(floating)Lobster stock (sinking)
Main motor power kw200200200200200
Main motor current A 287332335330330
Template diameter mm1.
Sinking or floating ratio100%100%100%100%100%
Unit weight g/l425401383620621
Bulking degree1.501.881.691.131.16
Hourly output t/h3.205.205.803.405.10


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