Product Detail

Single-screw extruder

Product characteristics

Extruder adopts new materials, so that the life of wearing parts can be  increased by 2~3 times and the screw life is up to 8000~10000 tons;

Production of φ3.0mm tilapia, extruder capacity up to 4-5.5t /h;

Equipped with high-precision expansion chamber, sufficient strength to prevent jacket deformation or wear sleeve loosening, can be heated or cooled;

The flexible combined cavity and combined single screw provide a better combination scheme for the production of various materials, quick replacement of the structure, and convenient production of various floating materials, sinking materials, pet food, full-fat soybeans and other products;

Efficiently use of energy, reduce energy consumption, reduce processing costs.

Technical parameter


Model numberMain motor power kwFeeding power kwSingle-shaft conditioner power kw Double shaft differential speed conditioner power kwCapacity t/h
Type XYPH135902.24112-3
Type XYPH1651602.24113-5

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