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Xiangda Group--Xiangda Farming (Songzi) Co., Ltd

  • NEW XIN YUANXin Yuan technical service personnel arrived at XiangdaGroup--Xiangda Farming (Songzi) Co., Ltd on 7th Jun.2016for upgrading the old pulverizer.

NEW XIN YUANAfter arriving at Xiangda Group--Xiangda Farming (Songzi) Co., Ltd,our technical service personnel made a detailed solution after inspecting theold equipment as well as analyzing the situation of milling process and airduct system.

【NEW XIN YUAN】Our technical service personnel worked according to the detailed solution. The technical upgrading of equipment completed on 10th Jun.,2016. Compared with these test results, we can see that the capacity increased than before.                 

Productivity test after upgrading:

Feed type: grass carp feed

Fineness: 90% pass 80 mesh

 Capacity: 6.2 t/h

We appreciate Xiangda Group--Xiangda Farming (Songzi)Co., Ltd for supporting and cooperation with us. We will always at yourservice.

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