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  • NEW XIN YUANXin Yuan technical service personnel arrived at Jiangsu ShengdaBiotechnology Co., Ltd on 1st Jul.2016 for equipmentupgrading of SWFL130 pulverizer.

NEW XIN YUANAfter arriving at Jiangsu Shengda Biotechnology Co., Ltd, ourtechnical service personnel made a detailed solution afterinspecting the old equipment as well as analyzing the situation of millingprocess and air duct system.



2、Impuritiesslagging-off device


3、Accessoriesof grinding chamber: gear ring, hammer, wear-resistant plate, hierarchicalwheel


【NEW XIN YUAN】Our technical service personnel worked according to the detailed solution. The technical upgrading of equipment completed on 1st Sep.,2017. Compared with these test results, we can see that the capacity increase 151.8% than before.                  

Productivity test before upgrading:

Feed type: crab feed

Fineness: 96% pass 80 mesh

Capacity: 1.93 t/h

Productivity test after upgrading:

Feed type: crab feed

Fineness: 96.1% pass 80 mesh

 Capacity: 4.86 t/h





We appreciate Jiangsu Shengda Biotechnology Co., Ltdfor supporting and cooperation with us. We will always at your service.

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