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Direct fire dryer

XYGZ2004*4 XYGZ2006*4

XYGZ2008*4 XYGZ2504

XYGZ2506 XYGZ2508

1, The operation is simple, just adjust the temperature according to the drying water;

2, Circulation fan, exhaust fan configuration power reduced by nearly 50%, drying power consumption can save 5 yuan/ton;

3, The moisture exhaust air volume is reduced, the corresponding environmental protection deodorization equipment investment can be reduced by 30%;

4, Greatly save steam, compared with the domestic general dryer, each ton of dry feed save steam 100kg.

technical parameters







Total Power


Moisture Evenness


Natural Gas Consumption(floating feed)

XYGZ2004*4-R (Net board)


XYGZ2006*4-R(Net board)


XYGZ2008*4-R (Net board)


product features

The material distribution system adopts frequency conversion motor interval speed change, scientifically set the thickness of the material layer; The material is evenly distributed to ensure the uniformity of drying moisture, improve production and increase benefits.

Compared with natural gas boiler steam dryer, the annual operating cost can be reduced by more than 500,000. (Suppose that a feed mill requires the moisture limit of the finished product to be 10%, the annual export output of the dryer is 30,000 tons/year, and the natural gas price is 4.0RMB/m2, based on the 3-5mm template of ordinary aquatic float material).
Natural gas dryers are easier to maintain than steam dryers.(Steam dryer common problems 1, heat exchanger surface dust accumulation 2, heat exchanger filter dust blockage 3, heat exchanger rust 4, control valve damage)
◆Natural gas dryer system burner and related valves selected international high-end brands, in line with the standard natural gas system control procedures, electronic control system accurate detection and interlocking mechanism to ensure the safety, stability and reliability of the system.

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