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Product Detail

XYPL Atmospheric pressure coater

Suitable for aquatic and pet feed production, excellent design performance, reliable use, easy to clean and 

Performance characteristics

The range of liquid addition ratio is large, and no pole can be adjusted.

Liquid spraying uniformity is good;

Mixing without dead Angle, reduce the crushing rate, discharge material without residue;

Good sealing performance, high vacuum, good vacuum retention;

The amount of spraying liquid is controlled according to the amount of particles after accurate weighing, and the ratio is accurate.

product superiority

New design (patent) of discharge door structure, can self-clean the sticky material on the door;

he amount of liquid added can be steplessly control, and the combination of multiple nozzles can ensure the atomization and spraying effect.

Reasonable nozzle arrangement (8 groups X3) to ensure the optimal injection effect, to meet the minimum 1% spraying demand;

In the atmospheric pressure spray machine, the main shaft is first connected with the motor coupling, which is easy to maintain;

By adding grease to the atmospheric pressure sprayer, the fat content in the material before expansion can be reduced, which is conducive to improving the expansion coefficient and the production capacity of the expansion machine.

commodity parameters


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