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Product Detail

XYPL Vaccum coater

Suitable for aquatic and pet feed production, excellent design performance, reliable use, easy to clean and maintain.

Performance characteristics

The range of liquid addition ratio is large, and no pole can be adjusted.

Liquid spraying uniformity is good;

Mixing without dead Angle, reduce the crushing rate, discharge material without residue;

Good sealing performance, high vacuum, good vacuum retention;

The amount of spraying liquid is controlled according to the amount of particles after accurate weighing, and the ratio is accurate.

product superiority

The optimal design of the double helix rotor, the material lifting and spraying more uniform, will not form the retention of the material, lifting without breaking, no mixing dead Angle: 
can achieve stepless control of liquid addition, while the use of multiple nozzles for combination, to ensure atomization and spraying effect;
The unique design of the discharge mechanism, no residue after discharge, at the same time, the discharge mechanism out of the seal is reliable, long service life, easy maintenance and replacement;
By adding grease to the vacuum sprayer, the fat content in the material before bulking can be reduced, which is conducive to improving the expansion coefficient and the capacity of the bulking machine:
The oil added by vacuum spraying can penetrate into the particle core, reduce the pollution to the water body during breeding, and can be fully absorbed by feeding animals to improve the feeding effect.

commodity parameters


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