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One. Countries and Regions for Recruitment of Agency

  • Asia

  • Vietnam

  • Philippines

  • Malaysia

  • Indonesia

  • Thailand

  • Cambodia

  • Laos

  • Burma

  • NorthKorea

  • Japan

  • Africa

  • Egypt

  • SouthAfrica

  • America

  • U.S.A

  • Chile

  • Brazil

  • Europe

  • Netherlands

  • Spain

Two.  Requirements of Agency

Befamiliar with feed industry

With experience of selling farming machines or feed machines

With capability of technical

Well known of feed machinery industry of China

Three.  Support & CooperationProvided for Agency

Professional salesmen

Technical personnel

Annual technical training

Non-schedule after-sale service

Attend exhibition in agency’s area

 Advertisement and publicity in magazines of related industry

Four.  Way to Jion Us as Agency

Tel: 0086-13778806788    Mr. Shao


Five. Contact Information

  • Address:

    No.1 Xin Yuan Road, West Industrial Park, Qingshen County, Meishan City, Sichuan Province, R.P. China

  • Hotline:


  • E-mail:

  • 0086-13778806788    Mr.Shao

  • 0086-13618190788     Mr.Hu

  • 0086-13618199388     Ms.Ou


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