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Production Management Training Successfully Held inHaid Group

The production management training was successfullyheld in Research Institute of Guangdong Haid Group on 27th May,2017. An elitegroup of enterprise manager all over the country came to study and communicatetogether. After the training, they have get more production managementexperience and make great progress.

Technical engineer of our company: the 8th from lefthand in line two.

    Our technical engineer and other managers all over thecountry fully prepared the training activity.

     During the training, all elite of manager communicatedand shared their valuable experience. They were divided into several groups anddebated intensely. Every member of each group pulled together and did the bestto fight with others. All of them are elite!

The production management training completedsuccessfully. Each participator got valuable experience and learnt a lot, whichwould do great help to their further management.

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