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  • 【 Newxinyuan training 】 Study hard, make progress every day!

    Since August 1, [Newxinyuan] engineering center service team opened a 10-day training exchange in the department, as of August 11, the training content includes the company's product theoretical knowledge, installation theoretical knowledge and physical site Teaching, electrical theoretical knowledge and on-site teaching, welding theoretical knowledge and practical training. And the project leader shared and communicated on the completed project. The training was completed with a final exam on August 13.

  • The warm wind sends you to the blue clouds

    In 2022, Xinyuan's children, such as the exam God, have achieved good results. Three students have been admitted to the postgraduate entrance examination, and three students have been admitted to their favorite colleges and universities.

  • [Xinxinyuan] Eternal pursuit of customer satisfaction

    Adhering to the core concept of focusing on energy saving and service first, [Xinxinyuan] practice the original heart, in the heat of summer, but can not stop the footsteps of the service team, they always stick to the production line, with the fastest speed to respond to customer needs, with the most sincere and careful attitude to deal with problems for customers.

  • Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival with feelings of Zongzi , fragrant floats on May 5 -- 【 Newxinyuan 】 I wish you have a happy Dragon Boat Festival

    The fifth day of May is the Dragon Boat Festival, the heart all arrived: "Zongzi" is beautiful, "Zongzi" is a smile, "Zongzi" is happy, "Zongzi" is good luck, "Zongzi" is success, "Zongzi" is happiness. Sichuan Zhongxin Sheng agricultural machinery wish all employees and friends have a happy Dragon Boat Festival !

  • Tianjin City modern overbridge installation project successfully completed

    The above is a work log of the installation project of the [New Xinyuan] installation team in Tianjin Modern overbridge Feed Co., LTD. The engineering team will summarize the work content of the day and do a work plan of the next day to ensure that the work is orderly.

  • Action is swift, service is seamless

    Someone once said: no after-sales service is the best service. In Xiao Xin's view, people who hold this view are not too blindly confident in the product, or lack of awareness of the importance of after-sales service, or a promotional stunt to replace the concept.

  • Leaders of Liyuan Group visited [New Xinyuan] for investigation and guidance

    The investigation team of Liyuan Group carried out a three-day technical exchange and visit in [Xinxinyuan] from March 17 to 19, 2022.



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