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Guangzhou Da Chuan Feed Co., Ltd.

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Guangzhou Da Chuan Feed Co., Ltd. is located in Xiqiao Village, Nansha District, which is the earliest and most invested wholly-owned company of Guangdong Haid Group Co. The company was put into production in 2000, covers an area of 56,000 square meters, and has more than 400 employees. The company specializes in the production and sale of "Da Chuan Brand" and "Haihe Brand" series of high-quality compound feeds for pigs, fish and ducks. The company has 13 fully automated feed production lines and large loading and unloading terminals, with an annual production capacity of 600,000 tons, and its products are sold to Guangdong Province, Guangxi Province, Hunan Province, etc. It is one of the leading high-tech enterprises in the domestic feed industry.



【NEW XIN YUAN】Xin Yuan technical service personnel arrived at Guangzhou Da Chuan Feed Co., Ltd on 27th Oct., 2020 for upgrading the old extruder.


【 NEW XIN YUAN 】 Technical service personnel entered the equipment site, carefully inspected the installation and operation of the original equipment, and first upgraded the conditioner.


Before technology upgrading: 1 set of twin-shaft conditioner + molasses machine

After technology upgrading: replaced the molasses machine with single shaft conditioner

On October 29, 2020, the capacity acceptance test of the extruder was conducted. Firstly, the uniformity and expansion of the puffed outlet particles were tested.

Upgraded extruder:

Tilapia No. 2 material, die hole diameter 4.7mm, moisture out of the mold: 20.25%, moisture out of the mold: 20.25%, capacity out of the mold: 364g/L, sinking rate: 100%, capacity out of the mold: hourly output 7.8T/H

Reached the customer's expected results, and extruder technology upgraded successfully.

【 New Xin Yuan 】 technical service personnel recommended:

In daily use, timely check the wear and tear of accessories, correct operation of the equipment, routine maintenance, overhaul and repair, so as to achieve the scientific and effective use of equipment, to maintain high efficiency capacity.


Thanks Guangzhou Da Chuan Feed Co., Ltd. Of Haid Group for your trust and support of【 New Xin Yuan 】, We will always at your service. 

"Xin Yuan people, thanks for your hard work!" -- "For customer service! "


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