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Xiangda Farming (Songzi) Co., Ltd

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Xiangda Farming (Songzi) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Xiangda Group, mainly engaged in the manufacturing and sales of aquatic products, livestock, and poultry feed; Livestock and poultry farming; Purchase of grain and by-products and other businesses; They have had multiple technical exchanges with our company on ultrafine pulverizer equipment and accessories. At the end of May 2016, they cooperated with our company to upgrade the existing ultrafine pulverizer, with a production capacity of 6.2 tons per hour.


【NEW XIN YUAN】Xin Yuan technical service personnel arrived at Xiangda Farming (Songzi) Co., Ltd on 7th Jun., 2016 for upgrading the old pulverizer.


On June 10, 2016, the upgrading technology of ultrafine pulverize of Xiangda Farming (Songzhi) Co. Ltd. has been completed, and ready for production capacity acceptance testing

The technical service personnel of 【NEW XIN YUAN】 entered the central control room, observed the operation of the pulverizer system, recorded the relevant indicative data, made timely adjustments and carried out capacity tests.

Upgraded ultrafine pulverizer system

Grass fish feed, 90% pass 80 mesh, with a capacity of 6.2t/h

Successful upgraded technology of ultrafine pulverizer of Xiangda Farming (Songzhi) Co., Ltd. with capacity of 6.2 t/h. 【NEW XIN YUAN】 Technical service personnel suggested:

In daily use, timely check the wear and tear of accessories, foreign body discharge port adjustment and pulse dust removal equipment, correct operation of the equipment, do routine maintenance, overhaul and repair, so as to achieve the scientific and effective use of equipment, to maintain high efficiency capacity.


Thanks Xiangda Farming (Songzhi) Co., Ltd. Of Xiangda Group for your trust and support 【 New Xin Yuan 】, we will always at your service.

"Xin Yuan people, thanks for your hard work!" -- "For customer service! "


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