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【NEWXIN YUAN】Xin Yuan technical service personnel arrived at Chai Tai Group--Chai Tai Conti (Chenghai) Co., Ltd on 7th March, 2016 for upgrading the old pulverizer. After completing the technology upgrading work and running for one month, data testing and acceptance were conducted on April 10, 2016


Chai Tai Conti (Chenghai) Co., Ltd had a set of Muyang SWFL130E, which capacity and the fineness couldn’t meet the requires for production so that it was necessary to upgrade the old pulverizer.

【NEWXIN YUAN】 After completing the upgrading work, it had been tested and accepted on 10th April 2016.

After upgrading, the capacity of Muyang SWFL130E had increased by 53%.

Chai Tai Conti (Chenghai) Co., Ltd's Muyang 130E ultrafine pulverizer (994 # shrimp and crab material) has been upgraded and improved by the New Xin Yuan technical team in terms of crushing room and internal accessories. The hourly production capacity has increased from 81% pass 60 mesh, with a capacity of 3T/H, to 80% pass 60 mesh, and the capacity is 4.6T/H. The production capacity has increased by 53% under the same conditions. 


Thanks Chai Tai Conti (Chenghai) Co., Ltd for your trust and support!


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