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Jiangsu Shengda Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development of bio-science and technology, as well as the sale of feed and other products and services. The company is equipped with 9 feed production lines with an annual production capacity of 400,000 tons.

        In May 2016, the company purchased a set of Xin Yuan SWFL150 ultrafine pulverizer system (host power: 160KW), and in December 2016 ordered a set of SWFL130 (host power: 132KW) technology upgrade accessories of ultrafine pulverizer system again, and then our company sent a professional installation team to Jiangsu Shengda Biotechnology Ltd. to carry out ultrafine pulverizer system technology upgrade. 



NEW XIN YUANXin Yuan technical service personnel arrived at Jiangsu Shengda Biotechnology Co., Ltd on 1st Jul. 2016 for equipment upgrading of SWFL130 pulverizer.


NEW XIN YUANAfter arriving at Jiangsu Shengda Biotechnology Co., Ltd, our technical service personnel made a detailed solution after inspecting the old equipment as well as analyzing the situation of milling process and air duct system.

Parts that require technology upgrade:

1. Crushing chamber


2. Foreign matter discharge device

3. Crushing chamber accessories: gear ring, hammer head, wear-resistant plate, grading wheel

NEW XIN YUANAfter careful observation and analysis of the site by the professional technical service team, installation and technical renovation work was immediately carried out, and the renovation was completed on January 9, 2017.

Modified parts:

1. Crushing chamber and internal accessories

  The crushing chamber is reasonably designed after upgrading, the accessories are NEW XIN YUANpatented products, so that the material striking surface increase, grading wheel added surrounded, reasonably optimize the material grading area, so as to make the production capacity increase.


2. Foreign matter discharge device

  After the upgrading of the foreign matter discharge device, adding a make-up air door, can reasonably adjust the size of the make-up air, to achieve the foreign matter discharge standards, so that the accessories in the crushing chamber is not broken by foreign matter and affect the production capacity.

     NEW XIN YUANis committed to the enhancement of the capacity of the ultrafine pulverizer system, the rationalization of the pulverizing system process, practice is the test of truth.

Capacity test before upgrading:

River crab material: 96% pass 80 mesh, capacity 1.93T/H.

Capacity test after upgrading:

River crab material: 96.1% pass 80 mesh, capacity 4.86T/H.

NEW XIN YUANThe capacity of upgraded SWFL150 ultrafine pulverizer increases 151.8% than before.


Shengda Group--Jiangsu Shengda Biotechnology Co., Ltd of one set of SWFL130 (host power: 132KW) ultrafine pulverizer system technology upgrade have been completed, we appreciate Shengda Group--Jiangsu Shengda Biotechnology Co., Ltd for supporting and cooperation with us. We will always at your service.


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