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Action is as Swift as the Wind, Service is Seamless and Dense

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Action is as Swift as the Wind, Service is Seamless and Dense

New Xin Yuan Service Review from January to May

On After-Sales Service


        Someone once said: no after-sales service is the best service. In New Xin Yuan's opinion, the people who hold this view are either overly blind confidence in the product, or the importance of after-sales service is not enough to recognize, or a publicity gimmick to steal the concept. If product quality is the lifeline of the enterprise, then after-sales service is the fate of the enterprise line.

        If product quality is the lifeline of the enterprise, then after-sales service is the fate of the enterprise line.

        The world can not be detached from the after-sales service and can be based on the evergreen company. As small as toilet paper, toothpicks and other daily disposable consumer products, as large as high-speed rail, space station, etc., all need after-sales service, only the way to show different, different means of realization.

        New Xin Yuan believes that good after-sales service should contain at least the following elements.

        1. Convenient and effective communication channels.

        2. Fast, efficient response mechanism.

        3. Sincere, heartfelt service attitude.

        4. Dissatisfaction with the status quo, the pursuit of perfection of craftsmanship.

        5. Sharing mechanism and training system of imparting knowledge to people

        6. Skillful, enthusiastic and responsible service team.


        New Xin Yuan thinks that good after-sales service is a way to make customers feel comfortable and is "silent with the wind". 

        After-sales service is like practicing medicine and higher than practicing medicine.

        Doctors and patients are not the relationship between Party A and Party B. It is the doctor's duty to practice medicine and cure diseases, but not to cure all diseases as the doctor's performance appraisal index.

        The company and the customer is a mortal and God's relationship, solve the problem is not only the company's responsibility, but also the company's obligations, must go all out to ensure customer satisfaction as the highest goal.

        Bian Que said that among his three brothers, the eldest brother has the highest medical skills, followed by the second brother, and he is the weakest, because the eldest brother "treats before illness", the second brother "treats minor illnesses", and he is "treating big illnesses".


        In the service process not only need the doctor "look, smell, ask and treat" skills, but also need to "mind, brain, hands and feet" linkage, quickly solve the "big disease", timely treatment of "small disease", to help customers "prevent disease".

Service Briefing

        The way of curing the disease of big brother Bian is the highest realm pursued by New Xin Yuan, and has been practiced silently in this way. From May 2015, the founder of the company, Mr. Tao, had the foresight to implement the Quality Assurance Tour-inspection, which has been adhered to for 7 years, and even in 2022, when the epidemic is severe, we have not been able to stop our service steps.

        From January to May, we had 20 after-sales engineers traveling through 18 major feed provinces, 60+ prefecture-level cities, 100+ districts and counties in China, as well as traveling across the ocean to assist overseas New Hope factories in production and training.

        In this year, we have provided 1000+ man-hours of technical services for 26 groups and 150+ factories, covering the operation and maintenance inspection, maintenance, abnormality treatment and on-site training for the equipment of ultrafine pulverizer, extruder, dryer, coating and so on. We have provided the necessary technical support to ensure the smooth production of our customers, and have been highly praised by our customers.


        The importance of after-sales service:

        1.Solve the design, installation and operation problems of equipment to ensure the normal production of customers    

        2. Collection of equipment operation data for the product update iteration to provide an important basis;

        3. To carry out training to enhance the user's skills, so that customers know what is "sick", how to prevent "not yet sick", learn to self-governance "small disease";

        4. Maintain contact with customers to enhance customer satisfaction.

        How to improve the level of after-sales service:

        The goal of service is to make customers satisfied, in the service process, we must always keep smiling, sincere, humble, enthusiastic, positive, and constantly improve service skills, broaden the knowledge, provide value-added services, considering the customer's concerns, urgent customer's urgency, do not refute the customer's feelings, do not hurt the customer's heart

        Whoever wins the hearts of the people wins the world, and whoever wins the customers wins the market!


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