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Huzhou Yisheng Feed Co., Ltd

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Huzhou Yisheng Feed Co., Ltd. ordered a set of Xin Yuan SPSH120*2 extruder (host power 200KW) from our company in November 2020, and carried out capacity test and acceptance on March 7, 2021: carp material, die hole diameter is φ7.5, feeding frequency 28HZ, cutting frequency is 46.7HZ, moisture is 19.8%, sedimentation rate is 100%, die particle size is 12.16, expansion coefficient is 1.62, bulk density is 350g/L, hourly output is 7.5T/H . 




【NEW XIN YUAN】 Technical service personnel enter the equipment site to conduct a series of inspections and maintenance from the system appearance to the inside of the equipment.


Our quality assurance & inspection completed successfully. We appreciate Huzhou Yisheng Feed Co., Ltd

for supporting and communication with us. We will continue to pay attention and serve with dedication. 

"Xin Yuan people, dedicated to serving you" - "May our service be with you at any time".


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