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       Taizhou Haid Biological Feed Co., Ltd. ordered three sets of SWFL170 ultrafine pulverizer (with a main power of 220KW) from our company in December 2016. On March 11, 2021, a follow-up test was conducted: New Xin Yuan 170, Crab Kangtai material, 97% pass 80 mesh, total powder amount of 15T, production capacity of 9t/h.



【NEW XIN YUAN】The technical service team of New Xin Yuan arrived at Taizhou Haid Biological Feed Co., Ltd on March 11, 2021 for follow-up services.


(i) Ultrafine pulverizer host inspection

【 New Xin Yuan 】 Technical service personnel enter the equipment site to conduct a series of inspections and maintenance from the system appearance to the inside of the equipment.

        The technical service personnel of  【NEW XIN YUAN】 have completed a series of inspections and maintenance work. During this service, the following issues were found:

        Ultrafine pulverizer systems and processes:

        1. 170 ultrafine pulverizer 1 # and 3 # guiding cover are worn normally.

        2. The 170 ultrafine pulerizer 2 # grading wheel is worn normally.


        1. Please maintain or replace the guiding cover in a timely manner to avoid wear and tear on the crushing chamber after the guiding cover wears through. Causing unnecessary losses.

        2. Please replace the 2 # ultrafine grading wheel in a timely manner. 1. To prevent the blade from falling off and damaging the internal components of the ultrafine after severe wear and tear, resulting in more serious energy consumption increases and safety hazards. 2. After the wear of the grading wheel blades, it will increase the difficulty of controlling the material fineness. The higher the grading frequency, the greater the current, and the easier it is for the frequency converter to trip.


Our quality assurance & inspection completed successfully. We appreciate Taizhou Haid Biological Feed Co., Ltd for supporting and communication with us. We will continue to pay attention and serve with dedication. 

"Xin Yuan people, dedicated to serving you" - "May our service be with you at any time".


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