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Akesu Taikun Feed Co., Ltd


Aksu Taikun Feed Co., Ltd. ordered a set of Xin Yuan SWFL170B ultrafine pulverizer system (with a main power of 220KW) from our company in October 2019. On June 24, 2020, a production capacity acceptance work was carried out on a set of Xin Yuan SWFL170B ultrafine pulverizer system (with a main power of 220KW): grass carp particle material, 80% pass 80 mesh, capacity is 13.4t/h.


The technical service team of 【NEW XIN YUAN】 arrived at Akesu Taikun Feed Co., Ltd. on June 24, 2020 for follow-up services.


After arriving at the site of the equipment, the technical service personnel of 【NEW XIN YUAN】 quickly launched the preparatory work before acceptance, from the various systems of the whole set of equipment to the internal parts of the equipment, one by one to carry out detailed inspection and maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, acceptance of the data is scientific and effective.


        【NEW XIN YUAN】 technical service personnel on the Xin Yuan SWFL170 ultrafine pulverizer system (host power 220KW) for capacity testing, acceptance capacity is considerable: new Xin Yuan 170B, grass carp pellets, 80% pass 80 mesh, capacity of 13.4t/h.

        According to this service recommendations are as follows:

        1.Reasonable adjustment of the foreign matter discharge port up and down to make up the air door to make it smooth discharge of foreign matter, foreign matter discharge port without foreign matter blockage,.

        2.Weekly inspection of the internal structure of the host of ultrafine pulverizer: check if the hammer and gear ring are damaged, and if the wear of the wear-resistant plate is normal.

        3.Every week on the pulverizer grading wheel to check and clean up.

        4.Weekly inspections of the pulverizer air duct system to ensure that no air leakage from the duct flexible connections

        5.Weekly inspection of the cyclone, to ensure that there is no blockage of material and leakage of wind.

        6.Weekly inspection of the ultrafine pulse dust collection system: ensure that there is no blockage in the bag, that the pulse solenoid valve is working properly [pulse interval 9-12 seconds, pulse width is based on exhaust of 1-5 kilograms per time], that the pressure of the air storage cylinder is 6-6.5 kilograms, and that there is no water accumulation, and that the pulse air shutter works normally without air leakage,

        7.It is recommended to inspect and clean the high square sieve within 15 days,

        8.Regularly refuel the motor and transmission system of the ultrafine pulverizer system [pay attention to whether the temperature of the main engine, fan, and auxiliary equipment motor is normal].

        It is recommended to run the new ultrafine pulverizer with material for 2 hours to check and adjust the main drive belt. After running with material for a week, check and adjust the main drive belt.


Our quality assurance & inspection completed successfully. We appreciate Akesu Taikun Feed Co., Ltd. for supporting and communication with us. We will continue to pay attention and serve with dedication. "

Xin Yuan people, dedicated to serving you" - "May our service be with you at any time".


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