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Xiamen Tongwei Feed Co., Ltd of Tongwei Group


Xiamen Tongwei Feed Co., Ltd. ordered a set of Xin Yuan SWFL170B ultrafine pulverizer system (with a main power of 220KW) from our company in November 2019. On April 11, 2020, a set of Xin Yuan SWFL170B ultrafine pulverizer system (with a main power of 220KW) underwent capacity acceptance work: (Machine 1): grass carp feed, 82.6% pass 80 mesh, with a capacity of 6.88 t/h; (Machine 2): grass carp feed, 81% pass 80 mesh, with a capacity of 7.31 t/h.



The technical service team of 【NEW XIN YUAN】 arrived at Xiamen Tongwei Feed Co., Ltd. of Tongwei Group on April 11, 2020 for follow-up services.


After arriving at the site of the equipment, the technical service personnel of 【NEW XIN YUAN】 quickly launched the preparatory work before acceptance, from the various systems of the whole set of equipment to the internal parts of the equipment, one by one to carry out detailed inspection and maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, acceptance of the data is scientific and effective.

        【NEW XIN YUAN】 Technical service personnel of Xin Yuan SWFL170 type of ultrafine pulverizer system (mainframe power of 220KW) for capacity testing, acceptance capacity is considerable:

        New Xin Yuan 170B, tilapia feed, 88.7% pass 80 mesh, 9.13t/h;

        New Xin Yuan 170B, frog material, 95.7% pass 80 mesh, 10.67t/h.

        According to the results of this service inspection, they are as follows:

        1. The pulverizer feeding arch breaker has ultrafine particles;

        2. The no-load display current of the pulverizer host is about 10A lower than the actual current. Calibration is required;

        3. The time collector of the ultrafine pulverizer host does not match the main motor and needs to be replaced.

        According to this service recommendations are as follows:

        1. The ultrafine pulverizer feed arch-breaker entanglement is too much, will cause uneven feeding, host current fluctuations, affecting the efficiency of the ultrafine pulverizer, need to be checked and cleaned up once a week;

        2. Ultrafine pulverizer host no-load display current than the actual current is lower than the low 10A or so, need to be corrected as soon as possible, such as long-term use of this will cause the main motor overload burnout phenomenon;

        3. Your company's existing ultrafine pulverizer host time collector and the main motor does not match, resulting in pulverizer host start-up, the current did not drop to the lowest current, the conversion, long-term use will cause the main motor burned out.

        (Note: The main motor burns out due to operational and electronic control configuration issues. Will not be covered under warranty.)

        Important Tip:

        According to this service, when communicating with your company's personnel. Learned that your company’s big raw materials, only soybean meal, corn, peanut meal have been primary crushed. The rest of the raw materials have not been crushed primary (such as: DDGS, vegetable meal, rice bran, rice bran meal). Directly mixed into the ultrafine pulverizer for crushing. This seriously affects the efficiency of ultrafine crushing. Exacerbate the wear and tear of accessories. Increase energy consumption. Hope that your company can primary crush all raw materials before putting into the ultrafine pulverizer. This can effectively improve the efficiency of ultra-micro crushing; reduce energy consumption. Extend the service life of accessories.


Our quality assurance & inspection completed successfully. We appreciate Xiamen Tongwei Feed Co., Ltd for supporting and communication with us. We will continue to pay attention and serve with dedication. 

"XinYuan people, dedicated to serving you" - "May our service be with you at any time".


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