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In November 2015, Shanghai Hongma Feed Co., Ltd. ordered a Xin Yuan SWFL130 ultrafine pulverizer (host power: 132KW) from our company. In April 2016, the capacity test was carried out: Litopenaeus vannamei feed: 97% pass 80 mesh, production capacity of 4.74 t/h.



The technical service team ofNEW XIN YUAN   arrived at Shanghai Hongma Feed Co., Ltd on November 21, 2016 for follow-up services.


NEW XIN YUANWhen the service technician enters the site, they first checked and maintained the exterior of the mainframe, the host: the appearance is not abnormal, the noise and vibration are normal.


Foreign object discharge device: The adjustment of the air supplement door did not achieve the best effect. The internal inspection of the equipment, including the gear ring, hammer, and wear-resistant plate, showed normal wear.


Settlement chamber: There wad residual foreign object


Host belt: Suitable tightness

Coupling: No cracks or looseness

Pulse sleeve: Intact inside, without adhesive material

NEW XIN YUANAfter a series of inspection and maintaining, that your company's current system equipment running normally,we give some suggestions as below:

1Clean the inner structure of pulverizer timely. Adjust the air supplement door properly according to feed.

2. Check the process of pulverizer, pulse dust collector and flexible connection of solenoid valve on schedule. Pay attention to the pressure and ponding condition of pulse air cylinder.

3. The test of fineness should according to strict standard of quality control.

4. Technologist should inspect the inner structure and working processing every day. Check whether the rough grinding sieve is broken or not and keep record.


 Our quality assurance & inspection completed successfully. We appreciate Shanghai Hongma Feed Co., Ltd for supporting and communication with us. We will be "entrepreneurship should be real, cooperation should be real, the service should be real," the "three real" concept, to bring your company a practical service experience, welcome your supervision!


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