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Malaysia Grobest Feed Joint-stock Company

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Malaysia Grobest Feed Joint-stock Company purchased four SWFL130 ultrafine pulverizer equipment and accessories from our company in mid January 2016. With the active efforts of all employees of New Xin Yuan, the equipment was successfully shipped on April 16, 2016. 


 On February 20, 2017, NEW XIN YUAN professional technical engineers arrived at Malaysia Grobest Feed Joint-stock Company to accept the Xinyuan SWFL130 ultrafine pulverizer that has been put into production.


After the technical service personnel of New Xin Yuan arrived at the equipment site, they quickly carried out the preparation work before acceptance. From the various systems of the entire equipment to the internal accessories of the equipment, they carefully inspected and maintained them one by one to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the scientific and effective acceptance data.


1. Ultrafine pulverizer host: the appearance was not abnormal, and the noise and vibration were normal


2. Foreign body discharge device: the adjustment of the air supply door was reasonable


3. Pulse dust collector: there was no air leakage


4. Aspiration system: no wear and air leakage


5. Accessories: gear ring, hammer, wear-resistant plate normal wear


6. Accessories: no sticky material and normal wear and tear of the grading wheel


7. Pulse sleeves: the interior was intact and no sticking phenomenon


After completing a series of equipment inspection and maintenance work, the technical service personnel of NEW XIN YUAN carried out production capacity acceptance work

Acceptance criteria:

Meets the contractual standards!!!


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