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Zhejiang ALPHA Feed Co., Ltd

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Zhejiang ALPHA Feed Co., Ltd. ordered four Xin Yuan SWFL150 ultrafine pulverizers (host power: 160KW) from our company in November 2016. With the efforts of all employees of New Xin Yuan, the delivery was completed on January 5, 2017.101.png


On June 2, 2017, the technical service team of NEW XIN YUAN arrived at Zhejiang ALPHA Feed Co., Ltd. to provide follow-up services for this year.


NEW XIN YUANTechnicians entered the equipment site, observe the operation of the equipment, recorded the equipment problems, and carried out maintenance work. 

1. Checked the appearance of the ultralfine pulverizer host: normal


2. Checked the noise of the ultrafine pulverizer host: within the normal range

3. Checked the temperature of the main spindle of the ultrafine pulverizer host: normal

4. Checked the condition of the crushing accessories of the ultrafine pulverizer host: the gear ring, hammer, and wear-resistant plate are worn normally



5. Checked the settling chamber of the ultrafine pulverizer host: no material residue


6. Checked the condition of the conveyor belt of the ultrafine host: the tension was moderate

NEW XIN YUANQuality Assurance Tour-inspection - North China Group - Zhejiang ALPHA Feed Co., Ltd. return visit service on June 3, 2017 end.

Thank you for the trust and support of Zhejiang ALPHA Feed Co., Ltd, we will be "entrepreneurship should be real, cooperation should be real, the service should be real," the "three real" concept, to bring your company a practical service experience, welcome your supervision!


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