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Tianjin Haid Feed Co., Ltd of Guangdong Haid Group

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Tianjin Haida Feed Co., Ltd. ordered two sets of Xin Yuan SWFL150 ultrafine pulveizer system (host power 160KW) from our company in January 2016, and the installation and commissioning was completed at the beginning of May 2016.The capacity acceptance work was carried out on July 3, 2016 for two sets of Xin Yuan SWFL150 ultrafine pulverizer system (host power 160KW):

(No. 1 machine): grass carp material, 82.6% pass 80 mesh, capacity 6.88t/h.

(No. 2 machine): grass carp material, 81% pass 80 mesh, capacity of 7.31t/h.



【NEW XIN YUAN】Xin Yuan technical service personnel arrived at Tianjin Haid Feed Co., Ltd of Guangdong Haid Group on 26th Oct.,2016 for returning service.101.png

【NEW XIN YUAN】Xin Yuan technical service personnel inspected and maintained the equipment from outside to inner structures in the local workshop.

【NEW XIN YUAN】After a series of inspection and maintaining,  that your company's current system equipment running normally, we give some suggestions as below:

1.Clean the inner structure of pulverizer timely. Adjust the air supplement door properly according to feed.

2. Check the process of pulverizer, pulse dust collector and flexible connection of solenoid valve on schedule. Pay attention to the pressure and ponding condition of pulse air cylinder.

3. The test of fineness should according to strict standard of quality control.

4. Technologist should inspect the inner structure and working processing every day. Check whether the rough grinding sieve is broken or not and keep record.


Our quality assurance & inspection completed successfully. We appreciate Tianjin Haid Feed Co., Ltd. for supporting and communication with us. We will continue to pay attention and serve with dedication.

"Xinyuan people, dedicated to serving you" - "May our service be with you at any time".


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