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Cooperate with “Tong Wei”, Power is Boundless


Cooperate with “Tong Wei”, Power is Boundless

Tongwei Group Leader's Inspection Journey

Welcome to the guest of honor

        On the tenth day of the first lunar month in 2022, in the festive atmosphere of the Year of the Tiger and the Chinese New Year, we welcomed a distinguished guest - Mr. Wu  and the leaders of the production department from Tongwei Group to visit and inspect our company. 

        Mr. Tao Xiao, Chairman of the Board of Directors of  【New Xin Yuan】, Mr. Hu Wenqiang, Director of the Customer Service Department, and the expert group of our R&D Center gave a warm reception.

Customer introduction

        Tongwei Group is a large-scale multinational group of companies that is deeply engaged in green agriculture, green energy and rapid development in chemical industry, and is a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization. The Group now has more than 300 branches and subsidiaries throughout China and overseas regions, with nearly 50,000 employees. Tongwei, a listed company, has an annual feed production capacity of more than 10 million tons, and is the world's largest aquatic feed producer and a major livestock and poultry feed producer, with a leading market share in the national aquatic feed market for more than 20 consecutive years. 2021, the market capitalization of Tongwei will be more than 280 billion yuan, and the brand value of Tongwei will be nearly 150 billion yuan, continuing to be ranked as one of the "leading agricultural industrialization enterprises". 

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Visiting the site

        Mr. Wu and his delegation conducted detailed visits to various workshops. Mr. Tao, from 【New Xin Yuan】, introduced the design ideas, processing technology, quality control, after-sales service, and other key nodes of the main products such as ultrafine pulverizer, extruder, dryer, and coater to the guests while walking.

        Mr. Wu and other leaders listened while observing, questioning and exchanging ideas. They fully affirmed the professionalism and focus of New Xin Yuan, highly recognized its on-site management, quality management, and service model, and placed earnest expectations on its development and extensive cooperation between both parties.

Visit the pulveirzer workshop, extruder workshop, coater workshop, and warehouse


Visit the accessory workshop

Discussion and exchange

        After the on-site visit, the delegation, accompanied by Mr. Tao, moved to the conference room to continue more in-depth technical and application exchanges.

        Before the exchange, Mr. Wu, president of Tongwei Group, made an opening speech, in which he made important instructions on how to deepen the exchange, take the strengths of each, improve together, and promote the innovation of equipment and the development of the feed industry.

        The seminar was hosted by Mr. Hu Wenqiang, Director of Customer Service Department of 【New Xin Yuan】, and the Q&A mode was adopted. Participants of Tongwei Group asked questions enthusiastically, and the technical experts of the R&D Center of puffing and drying technology answered the problems encountered by the customers in the process of equipment application.

Achievement display

        In the year 2021, 【New Xin Yuan】 has provided 72 services for Tongwei Group and carried out 2 special services for Quality Assurance Tour-inspection, which has been highly recognized by customers including Tongwei Group.

        The visit of the delegation further deepened the mutual understanding between Tongwei Group and 【New Xin Yuan】, and added confidence and motivation for closer cooperation in the future.


        Sichuan Zhongxinsheng Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Machinery Co., Ltd. would like to thank Tongwei Group for the long-term attention and support to【New Xin Yuan】, we will, as always, with the most professional technology, the most sincere attitude to provide our valuable customers with the best quality products and services!


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