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Haida Group Production Management Training Program

This place is full of elites!

On May 27, 2017, in this place--Guangdong Haid Group Research Institute, a group of elites gathered, they discussed, learned and grew together!

        The production management training activity organized by Haid Group was successfully held in Guangdong Haid Group Research Institute.

New Xin Yuan technical engineers - eighth from the left in the second row of the picture

     Before the start of the exchange activities, New Xin Yuan's technical engineers made full preparations for the production management training activities, so that the activities could be carried out successfully and smoothly.


      On the scene of the exchange activities, New Xin Yuan technical engineers exchanged their experiences to the elites of Haid Group in a colorful manner. The elites of Haid Group also formed several teams, and the members of each team made concerted efforts to fight with other teams.

 Not to be outdone, we were the best, and each team had a brilliant battle. In this event, we have no winners and losers, only learning and progress, we are all elites!


Guangdong Haid Group's one-day production management training and exchange session ended successfully. Another new harvest, the elites all returned full of knowledge, with satisfied smiles on their faces, believing that in the coming days, they will have greater improvement and play a greater value in their respective life paths!

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