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Zhengbang GroupCommunication training

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On June 14, 2018 the production supervisors of the Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Division of Zhengbang Group held a production skills exchange meeting at Hunan Zhengbang Licheng Feed Co. The molecular companies involved in the exchange are: Nanchang Guanglian Company; Shayang Zhengbang Company; Qianjiang Huilian Company; Maoming Zhengbang Company; Yunnan Guanglian Company; Chongqing Dajing Company; Meishan Jinchuanong Company; Xuzhou Zhengbang Company; Hunan Zhengbang Company; Guiyang Zhengbang Company; Xinfeng Zhengbang Company; Yiyang Zhengbang Company; Guangdong Zhengbang Company; Hunan Guanglian Company; and Maoming Zhengbang Company and so on.

(Fifth from the left in the first row - Hu Wenqiang, Technical Engineer of New Xin Yuan)

In the ultrafine and system operation and management training meeting site, New Xin Yuan technical engineers colorfully share their accumulated experience over the years, and provide a detailed introduction to the correct use of the ultrafine pulverizer and maintenance methods.

The backbones of the Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Division of Zhenbang Group listened attentively and recorded carefully, so as not to miss every detail analyzed by the engineers.

New Xin Yuan Technical engineers also share their knowledge accumulated over the years with you without reservation

New Xin Yuan technical engineers answered the questions raised by everyone in turn, analyzed the problems and difficulties, and solved the problems in the field. The frequent exchanges and discussions between everyone added an exciting color to the training.

In order to better test the results of learning, by the New Xin Yuantechnical engineers put forward case problems, the trainees were divided into small groups to discuss and exchange, had expressed their views, the formation of the team program.

Four groups of trainees after intense discussions to form their own programs, New Xin Yuan engineers on the group program reviewed, trainees actively interacted, further solid theoretical knowledge, enhanced the ultrafine pulverizer operation and management skills for the company's energy saving and consumption dedication!

Tall trees begin with seeds;

The tallest tower rises from the ground.

This training allows everyone to speak freely, have long conversations, and immerse themselves in a sincere, interactive, and communicative academic atmosphere. Another new harvest, another fruitful harvest, I believe that in the days to come, they will have greater improvement and shine brightly!

So far, the one-day training and exchange meeting has come to a successful end, and we sincerely look forward to meeting with you next time.


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