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Guiding Gear Ring for Pulverizer


Guiding Gear Ring for Pulverizer


        A common type of gear ring is generally a spur gear ring with the tooth flank vertical with the gear ring. The tooth surface of our patented product shear type guide ring is not vertical to the end surface of the ring, has a certain inclination angle, and is shear type. Due to the angle between the tooth groove direction of the gear of the inner tooth circle body and the central axis of the inner tooth circle body, the crushed material moves along the tooth groove direction under the driving force of the airflow. The resistance of the crushed material to the two ends of the inner tooth circle body decreases when it leaves with the airflow, and the crushed material can be carried away by the airflow in a timely manner, effectively preventing excessive crushing of the crushed material in the crushing chamber, thereby reducing the residence time of the crushed material in the crushing chamber, so as to increase unit output.



Patent Certificate


Guiding Gear Ring for Pulverizer

Patent No.: ZL201320372647

        From 2012 to 2015, our technical team optimized the internal structure of aquatic ultrafine pulverizer according to the principle of pulverization and the characteristics of the material to be pulverized, developed each components one by one and obtained seven patents for accessories. The quality of the patented products is stable and reliable, which improves the service life of the pulverizer accessories and greatly enhances the capacity of the ultrafine pulverizer.


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