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Guiding Hammer for Pulverizer


Guiding Hammer for Pulverizer


        This is a guiding hammer used in ultrafine pulverizers, which includes a hammer body with a hexahedron shape that is parallel to both sides. One side of the parallel sides is the grinding surface, and the other side is the parallel bottom surface. Gear teeth are set on the near tooth ring surface adjacent to the grinding surface. The main shaft of the pulverizer drives the hammer inside the pulverizer to rotate at high speed, causing the crushed material to collide and form crushing between the hammer and the tooth surface. The grinding surface of the hammer and the teeth near the tooth ring can collide and friction with the tooth ring to crush the material. This structural design increases the impact friction area between the hammer and the tooth ring without increasing the number of hammers, thereby improving the unit output of the pulverizer.



Patent Certificate


Guiding Hammer for Pulverizer

Patent No.:ZL20132033725808

        From 2012 to 2015, our technical team optimized the internal structure of aquatic ultrafine pulverizer according to the principle of pulverization and the characteristics of the material to be pulverized, developed each components one by one and obtained seven patents for accessories. The quality of the patented products is stable and reliable, which improves the service life of the pulverizer accessories and greatly enhances the capacity of the ultrafine pulverizer.


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