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Impeller Classifier


Impeller Classifier


        The impeller classifier forms a strong high force under the drive of the motor. The gas powder mixture that enters the classifier first enters the interior of the impeller classifier. Under the action of centrifugal force, large or heavy particles are subjected to a large centrifugal force, so they are thrown to the periphery of the impeller classifier to the side wall of the classifier, and are no longer affected by centrifugal force. They naturally fall into the crushing machine to continue crushing or fall to the discharge port for collection; Small or light materials are subjected to little centrifugal force and hover inside the impeller classifier. They are carried high by the wind force of the induced draft fan and move along the pipeline to the next component for grading or collection. By adjusting the speed of the impeller classifier in advance, the centrifugal force in the classifier can be adjusted to achieve the purpose of separating materials with specified particle size.



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